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SureFox Kiosk Browser Lockdown 6.92
SureFox uses Android Device Administrator permission for advancedlockdown features.SureFox is a lockdown browser you can use forcontrolling what web sites your users can browse on Android tabletsand smartphones. This can be very useful if you want to deployAndroid tablets in public areas such as restaurants, cabs, tradeshows, conferences, libraries, schools, hospital waiting lounges,field force etc and you want to ensure that the users can onlyaccess allowed website and nothing else on the tablets.Now remotelymanage SureFox settings on large number of devices using remotedevice management http://www.42gears.com/suremdm/index.htmlKeyFeatures:* Kiosk mode secure browser for Android Tablets andSmartphones* Restrict users to browse only selected websites *Private Browsing Option (session, cookies, cache data are notstored)* Enable/Disable Zoom feature* Show/Hide Title bar* Reloadpage on user inactivity or idle timeout* Option to disable autosuspend feature (Keep device always powered ON)* Schedule devicesleep and wakeup (Saves power and screen)* Custom Error Pages* Lockscreen orientation to Landscape, Portrait or other modes* Tabbedbrowsing* Configurable context or shortcut menu with browsercommands* Extended JavaScript APIs offered by SureFox* Rapidlydeploy or modify SureFox configuration on large number of devicesover the air using http url, cloud service or SureMDM(http://www.42gears.com/suremdm/).* Built-in File download manager*Create Categories of URLs on home page for easier navigation* HideBottom bar and notification panel on Samsung devices 4.2.2 androoted devices with Android 3.0 and above.* Password protectedaccess to browser settings* Browse local web pages on the device*Fullscreen mode* HTML5 Support* Screensaver (Display image orsystem wallpaper as screensaver)* Flash Support till Android 4.3*Complete device Lockdown preventing users from accessing any otherapps or settings (Pro Version)SureFox Licensing OptionsSureFoxBasic license: Enables feature to allow users to access onlywhitelisted websites. But the user can also access and launch otherapps on the device. This license is useful when used in conjunctionwith our SureLock product.SureFox Pro License: Enables fulllockdown of the device so that the users can access onlywhitelisted websites and nothing else on the device. Access toother apps is completely blocked (Kiosk Mode). User cannot quitSureFox. Even rebooting the device does not quit SureFox. It startsautomatically after the reboot.Note: Free version has somelimitations but you can try both Basic and Pro version features.Purchase a Basic or Pro license to activate full versionfunctionality. In case of any questions or issues please contact usat [email protected]:Learn more about SureFox athttp://www.42gears.com/surefox/surefoxandroid.htmlCheck out onlinedocumentation athttp://docs.42gears.com/surefox/docs/android/surefox_online_documentation_android.htmlConnectwith usLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/42gears/Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/42gearsWebsite:http://www.42gears.com/contactFor queries write to us [email protected]
SureMDM Nix Agent 14.09
SureMDM is a simple yet versatile EMM solution that enablesbusinesses to secure, monitor and manage mobile devices such astablets, smartphones and other devices based on Android. SureMDMAgent uses Android Device Administrator permission to provideadvanced mobile device management features. Important features: *Software distribution - Push applications and software patches -View installed applications - Remotely uninstall unwanted apps *Device Security - Remote Locking - Remote Data Wipe - Enforcecorporate password policies * Location Tracking - Locate devices onmap - Real-time tracking * Device Health Monitoring - Batterystatus - Memory and Storage status - Network signal strength *Messaging - Send messages to mobile users - Broadcast messages -Two-way messaging - Works on WiFi and Cellular networks * DeviceLockdown - Block installation of third-party apps - Passwordprotect Unauthorized apps * Device Grouping - Hierarchical Groupingof devices - Manage devices from multiple customers - Groupsdevices based on geography, departments etc * Branding Support -Brand the solution as your own - Use your company logo and themeAfter installing this software on your device you can view andmanage this device from online SureMDM account. You can registerfor a 30-day free trial from http://www.42gears.com to discover itsrich feature set, high performance and compelling work flow. Oncethe account is created you can start managing your android devicewithin minutes. SureMDM is available as both hosted SaaS serviceand On-Premise installation. Uninstallation Steps: Beforeuninstalling this software, go to Settings -> Security ->Select Device Administrators and Deactivate Nix Agent as deviceadministrator. Then go to Settings -> Applications -> ManageApplication and uninstall Nix Agent. About 42Gears Mobility Systems42Gears Mobility Systems is a global provider of multi-platformmobile device management platform that solves the unique challengesinvolved in deploying, configuring, managing and securingenterprise mobile devices. Over 7000 companies across 106 countriesuse 42Gears' products for managing thousands of mobile devicesbased on Android, Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms.Documentation Learn more about SureMDM Nix athttp://www.42gears.com/products/suremdm-home/android/ Check outonline documentation athttp://docs.42gears.com/suremdm/doc/android/SureMDM%20-%20Mobile%20Device%20Management.html?1Introduction.htmlConnect with us Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/42gears/Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/42gears Website:http://www.42gears.com/contact For queries write to us [email protected]
SureLock Kiosk Lockdown 10.30
Important: Note 1: For Business use only. Note 2: Free Trialversion limitations: Maximum two apps can be allowed, Password andWallpaper can not be changed. SueLock uses Android DeviceAdministrator permission for advanced lockdown features. SureLockis the #1 kiosk lockdown tool for Android that quickly transformsany Android tablet or smartphone into a dedicated Android kiosk. Itreplaces the default Home Screen or Launcher and restricts accessto only allowed applications. Description Worried about unwantedmisuse of your company owned Android devices? It has become commonto use off-the-shelf mobile devices to run business applications orself-service kiosks. However, device misuse can impact userproductivity and can cause increase in data usage and maintenancecost. Use SureLock to lockdown android tablets and smartphones andconvert them into dedicated Android kiosk with restricted access toonly selected applications and device features. Games such as AngryBirds, social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter,system settings, or any other unwanted applications are completelyhidden from the user. Key Features * Restrict access to one or moreapplications * Display widgets on home screen * Applicationshortcuts * Block user from altering system settings * Passwordprotect applications * Auto launch applications at startup *Control Peripherals (WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation,Airplane mode, Audio, GPS) * Limit phone calls to only selectedphone numbers * Customize home screen (Layout, Applicationcaptions, Wallpaper) * Remote management with SureMDM. * Singleapplication mode * Group applications * Hide icons of allowedapplications * Application idle timeout * Screen saver mode *Disable status bar and notification panel * Disable power button *Delayed application launch * Selectively allow or block individualchild windows * Multiple admin access * Driver Safety Mode *Collect application usage data (launch time, duration of usage,etc.) * Power saving settings (brightness control based on chargingstatus and user inactivity) * Memory management (close applicationsif memory usage threshold is reached) * Easily integrates SureFox(Special lockdown browser to restrict browsing to certain websitesonly) Who uses SureLock? - Android Tablets and Smartphones forfield force management - Trucking companies (ELD Mandate),Electronic Logbook Application Lockdown - Libraries and schools -Taxi Dispatch Systems - Customer engagement android kiosk at retailstores - Inventory Control and Asset Tracking - PassengerInfotainment at airports - Restaurants for customer feedback andengagement - Patient surveys at hospitals - Electronic Proof ofDelivery applications used by logistics companies Device SupportSureLock runs on almost all kinds and models of Android devices.Here are some pre-validated devices: * Samsung * Asus * LG * Nexus7 * Lenovo * Panasonic * Kindle Fire (1st generation) * MotorolaXoom * Motorola ET1 (Awarded Motorola Solutions Validated) *Datalogic * HTC Wildfire * Viewsonic * Goclever * Zenithink C91 *Dell Streak 7 * Alcatel * Huawei and more... Want to remotelyconfigure SureLock? You can use SureMDM to remotely configure andmanage SureLock. Learn more at http://www.42gears.com/suremdm/ Howdo you exit SureLock? Tap 5 times on the screen. On the passwordprompt, enter the passcode to unlock. How can you exit SingleApplication Mode? Please follow the steps at:http://www.42gears.com/blog/2012/01/how-to-exit-single-application-mode-in-surelock/Documentation Check out documentation athttp://docs.42gears.com/surelock/docs/surelock_android/Introduction.htmlConnect with us Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/42gears/Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/42gears Website:http://www.42gears.com/contact For queries write to us [email protected]
SureVideo Kiosk Video Looper 3.30
SueVideo uses Android Device Administrator permission for advancedlockdown features.Note 1: For enterprise use onlyNote 2: Freeversion has some limitations. Purchase a license to activate it tofull version. In case of any problems please [email protected] one or more videos continuously in aloop on Android tablets. Viewers can watch the videos in fullscreenmode but cannot do anything else on the device. Tablet will workonly as a video playing display device. Can be used in trade shows,exhibitions and other community events.NEW FEATURE - Now you canrun SureVideo in SCREEN SAVER MODE. Video launches automaticallywhen device is idle for a specified time period. Screensaver isdismissed when user touches the screen.Features:- SureVideo canstart playing videos right after the device boots up- Passwordprotected: Only an administrator can exit the video player if'Disable Bottom Bar' option is enabled- Displays video in FullScreen mode- Hide buttons on bottom bar- Automatically plays videosfrom the sdcard- All common video formats supported (Devicedependent)- Advanced lock down into kiosk mode by usingSureLockUsage:- Install SureVideo on the tablet- Drop the videofiles into /SureVideo folder on the sdcard. - Tap on Start Playingbutton or Restart SureVideo. SureVideo will automatically create aplaylist of videos in the /surevideo folder and will start playingthem alphabetically in fullscreen mode.DocumentationLearn moreabout SureVideo athttp://www.42gears.com/products/surevideo-digital-signage/surevideo-android-digital-signage/Checkout online documentation athttp://docs.42gears.com/surevideo/docs/surevideo_online_documentation.htmlConnectwith usLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/42gears/Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/42gearsWebsite:http://www.42gears.com/contactFor queries write to us [email protected]
Locked File Explorer 1.26
File Explorer to restrict users to just whitelisted files andfoldersFeatures include* Restricted file access* Import/Export ofconfiguration for mass deployment* Branding SupportNote : Forcomplete lockdown, use this in conjunction with SureLock
Network Keyboard 1.0
Do you find it difficult to type, copy/paste long sentences orlengthy URLs on your Android smartphone or tablet? Would you ratherprefer using a PC keyboard to type?What is Network Keyboard?NetworkKeyboard enables you to type on the android device using a browseron your computer. All you need are:• Network Keyboard installed onthe device• Access to Wi-Fi network to which your device isconnected How to use Network Keyboard?1. Download NetworkKeyboard2. Go to Settings and Language and Inputs3. Under Keyboardsand Input methods, select Network Keyboard4. Tap on Default andselect Network Keyboard 5. Now whenever the keyboard will appear,you will see the device IP Address6. Type this IP Address on anybrowser on the PC, use your User ID and Password to login (ifconfigured)7. Use given space to type and see the same being typedin your device Network Keyboard also maintains History of typedcontent of the running session for you. You can copy/paste old textagain on the device.
Enterprise Agent LG 2.09
Enterprise Agent uses Android Device Administrator permission foradvanced mobile device management features.Please note followingpoints before installation:1. This is a special version ofEnterprise Agent meant for LG devices only. 2. This enterpriseagent will enable advanced features for SureLock, SureFox andSureMDM Nix Agent only.If you are using LG device with SureLock,SureFox, SureMDM Nix Agent or a combination of these products,install this LG certified Enterprise Agent apk to enable advancedfeatures in all above mentioned products without rooting.Advancedlockdown in SureLock and SureFox includes:• Schedule reboot•Disable applications• Enable/Disable GPS• Enable/Disable MobileData• Enable/Disable Airplane• Kill unallowed applicationsAdvancemanagement features in SureMDM includes:• SilentInstallation/uninstallation• Remote control• Clear app data• Remotereboot If you already have SureLock, SureFox and SureMDM Nix Agentinstalled, there is no need to install them again. Just identifythe correct version of Enterprise Agent for the LG devices fromGoogle playstore and install it. Once done, to check if EnterpriseAgent is working on your device, follow below-mentioned steps:1.Launch SureLock/SureFox/SureMDM Nix Agent2. AccessSureLock/SureFox/SureMDM Nix Agent Settings3. Tap on AboutSureLock/ About SureFox/ SureMDM Nix Settings4. Check underEnterpriseAgent option, it should be "Remote"5. If it shows"Local", check if Enterprise Agent that you have downloaded is theright one for the device or contact our tech support team [email protected]
SureLock for Smartwatch 2.59
Support wearable in your businesses to strengthen communication,enhance workforce mobility and productivity, especially inchallenging industries like hospitality, real estate andconstruction, transportation, healthcare and mining.42Gears'SureLock for Wearable allows Android smartwatches to be locked downwith access to only required applications or run only a singleapplication. In addition to lockdown, SureLock for AndroidSmartwatch also be seamlessly integrated with SureMDM for remotemonitoring and security management.Features:App Whitelisting -Lockdown Android smartwatch with access to only allowedapplications.Single Application Mode - Lock your smartwatch withjust one application in the foreground.Remote Settings - Use Localnetwork to remotely configure or edit SureLocksettings.Customizable UI - Customize Android smartwatch withdesired wallpapers to suit your company's branding.DeviceEnrollment - Enroll devices in seconds with Import/Export Settingsoption to perform bulk enrollment.
AstroContacts 2.30
AstroContacts is an Enterprise Contact Management tool that allowsseamless sharing of contacts among mobile team members. A user canquickly lookup a contact then call, email or text them with just atap.
SureMDM Nix for Smartwatches 1.11
SureMDM is a simple yet versatile EMM solution that enablesbusinesses to secure, monitor and manage mobile devices such astablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other devices based onAndroid.SureMDM Nix for wearables provides device managementfeatures for Android Smartwatches.Important features:* Softwaredistribution- Push applications and software patches- Remotelyuninstall unwanted apps* Transfer- Remote file transfer- Send filesrun script- Push apps updates *Location Tracking- Locate devices onmap- Real-time tracking* Device Health Monitoring- Battery status-Memory and Storage status- Network signal strength* Messaging- Sendmessages to mobile users- Broadcast messages- Two-way messaging-Works on WiFi and Cellular networks* Device Grouping- HierarchicalGrouping of devices- Manage devices from multiple customers- Groupsdevices based on geography, departments etc* Branding Support-Brand the solution as your own- Use your company logo andthemeAfter installing this software on your device you can managewearable devices from online SureMDM account. You can register fora 30-day free trial from http://www.42gears.com to discover itsrich feature set, high performance and compelling work flow. Oncethe account is created you can start managing your android weardevice within minutes.SureMDM is available as both hosted SaaSservice and On-Premise installation. Uninstallation Steps:Go toSettings -> Applications -> Manage Application and uninstallNix Agent.About 42Gears Mobility Systems42Gears Mobility Systems isa global provider of multi-platform mobile device managementplatform that solves the unique challenges involved in deploying,configuring, managing and securing enterprise mobile devices. Over7000 companies across 106 countries use 42Gears' products formanaging thousands of mobile devices based on Android, WindowsMobile and Windows CE platforms.DocumentationLearn more aboutSureMDM Nix for Smartwatches athttp://www.42gears.com/products/suremdm-home/android-wearables-management/Connectwith usLinkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/42gears/Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/42gearsWebsite:http://www.42gears.com/contactFor queries write to us [email protected]