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detikcom - Berita Terbaru & Terlengkap 5.4.0
detikcom is now out with a new design update. Install or update thelatest detikcom app on your device to get the best news readingexperience. Latest news, favorite topics, and videos are now allwithin easy reach. Choose Province on ""Regional News Channel""make you easy to update regional news. Enable night mode for abetter reading experience on low-light condition. Get the latestnews and updates from a range of topics: - detikNews (politics,breaking news, events, and more) - detikSport (tennis, MotoGP,soccer, and more) - Sepakbola (Premier League, Liga 1 Indonesia,Serie A Italy, La Liga, and more) - detikFinance (finance,entrepreneurship, banking, and more) - detikHot (celebrity gossip,movie, entertainment, and more) - detikInet (IT, startups, gadgets,telecommunication, and more) - detikHealth (health tips, sex tips,and more) - detikFood (culinary, recipes, and more) - detikTravel(travel destination) - detikOto (automotive) - detikFoto (photonews) - Wolipop (women's fashion, lifestyle, and more) - HaiBunda(motherhood, pregnancy, child development, and more) We appreciateyour comments and feedback. Please contact us [email protected]
Jalur Promo BRI 3.1.1
"Jalur Promo BRI adalah aplikasi yang dibangun oleh detikcombekerjasama dengan Bank BRI, berfungsi sebagai pusat segalainformasi yang berkaitan dengan Promo dari BRI. Temukan berabagaifitur yang menarik dalam aplikasi Jalur Promo BRI. Fitur-fiturtersebut antara lain : 1. Promo dan Info Layanan Terbatas BRI (BRIZone) Dapatkan informasi promo-promo menarik dari Bank BRI dalamdengan cepat dan mudah. 2. Game ""Berkah Mudik BRI"" Meskipun masaperlombaan sudah berakhir, kamu tetap bisa memainkan game seru ini.3. Pencarian Tempat Cari tempat apapun dari tempat kamu berada.mulai dari musholla, masjid, ATM, restoran hingga objek wisata 4.Info Lalulintas Meskipun mudik telah berakhir, melalui aplikasi inikamu tetap bisa update informasi terkait lalulintas dengan cepat.5. Di Sekitar Anda Fitur ini berisi rekomendasi tempat-tempatmenarik dan penting di sekitar Anda seperti SPBU, rest area, klinikkesehatan, hotel dan lainnya dengan jarak tempuh terdekat yangdapat anda tentukan sendiri. "
CNN Indonesia - Berita Terkini 2.4.3
CNN Indonesia provides current news and information quickly &reliably. Our news can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,equipped with various topics ranging from politics, world news,economy, modern lifestyle, and soccer news. With a new design, youcan explore various news categories more easily and quickly thanbefore, just Tap or Swipe news categories you want to read. You canalso enjoy Free Live Broadcast CNN TV. Highlighted Features : -CNNIndonesia TV Live Stream -Live Reports -Focus -Push Notification-Night Mode -Breaking news A Variety of News Categories: -National-Economy -International -Sports -Technology -Entertainment-Lifestyle -Infographic, Photo & Video We appreciate yourcomments and feedback. Please contact us [email protected]
CNBC Indonesia 1.4.2
"CNBC Indonesia delivers reliable economic, business, and marketnews. Market-moving stories are covered through in-depth analysisand research. CNBC Indonesia’s mobile app platform offers easyaccesibility to the latest news and a pleasant experience inreading and exploring our stories. Be the first to know through ourBreaking News feature. Main Features : -CNBC Indonesia TV Livestream CNBC Indonesia TV to get the latest stocks, business, andeconomic stories. -Watchlist Track your stocks and investments withCNBC Indonesia's Watchlist - Market Data View real time stockquotes, currencies, commodities, and bonds data along with in-depthanalysis. CNBC Indonesia covers a wide range of topics, including:Home Topik News Market Investment Entrepreneur Syariah LifestyleFintech Insight (Profile and Opinion) Photo and Infograpics VideosCNBC Indonesia is an online media affiliated with CNBCInternational. CNBC Indonesia is a part of detiknetwork, underTransmedia Group. We appreciate your feedback. Contact us [email protected] "